Dr. Kevin Sims is a periodontist in Birmingham, Alabama. He provides advice on the placement of dental implants, as well as, inflammation or recession of gums. It’s ideal to visit Dr. Sims every year, absent additional tests that suggest a serious problem.

What are Dr. Sims’ Specialties?

Dental Implant & Periodontics

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the periodontium, primarily offering dental implants, tooth extraction, IV sedation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum-related conditions.

Patients’ Experience with Dr. Kevin Sims Periodontist

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Kevin M. Sims, DMD

Meet Dr. Sims

When Dr. Sims learned of the link between oral health and systemic diseases, his interest in periodontics was born. With a passion for oral health and a commitment to changing people’s lives with every smile, it was almost destined for Dr. Sims to have a career in the dental field. He graduated from the University of Alabama’s School of Dentistry in 1994, then went on to specialize in Periodontics at UAB where he completed his residency and received a Master’s of Science in… more about Dr. Sims

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