Single Tooth Dental Implants Hoover, AL

Single Tooth Dental Implants with Hoover, AL Board Certified Periodontist Kevin Sims, DMD

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Hoover, AL Board Certified Periodontist Kevin Sims, DMD about the dental implants process.

Birmingham, AL Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery is the preferred choice for replacing missing or lost teeth. A simple implant consists of a metal screw that is inserted into the jaw bone, along with a visible crown portion of the tooth that attaches to the screw. Specialized implants can also support a denture or partial denture, providing a more stable alternative to conventional dentures.

Implants help prevent many of the problems that can occur when a missing tooth is left unaddressed. Once you have healed from dental implant surgery, your implanted tooth will look just like a natural tooth, and you can care for it just as you would a natural tooth with daily brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants Hoover, AL

An implant can be used to replace a tooth or teeth that your dentist has had to extract due to decay or infection. Usually, your dentist will wait until the extraction site has fully healed, which may take several months, before proceeding with the implant process. You may also need a dental implant if you lose a tooth in a car accident or other traumatic event, or if you happen to be born without certain adult teeth.

Since bone loss can occur in the jaw bone surrounding an empty tooth socket, it’s best to have a missing tooth replaced with an implant promptly. If you wait several years to have an implant put in place, your jaw bone may not be strong enough or substantial enough to support the implant, and your dentist may need to perform a procedure called a bone graft to build up your jaw bone prior to inserting the implant.

Who can get Dental Implants?

Most people who are generally in good health are good candidates for implants. In the past, dentists did not recommend dental implants for patients with diabetes, but recent studies have found that as long as a patient’s diabetes is well controlled, they are at no greater risk for complications from dental implants than a non-diabetic patient. Most diabetic patients are therefore good candidates for dental implants. If you have diabetes, talk to your dentist and doctor to make sure you are managing your diabetes properly before scheduling your implant surgery.

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